Just a short paragraph and I know some people are like drop the subject, whats done is done, give it a rest, etc, etc, etc, but I feel I have to say it. Basically I truly believe that warlow wanted the true death. And I have some facts to back it up.

1. He told sookie he wanted to get back to the start, and a way to do that would be to die and join the faerie afterlife. Creating a fae vampire bride would bring him back to the start of happiness, yes, but so would his death.

2. He told Niall he constantly struggles with the dark aspects and them being wordly, he obviously wouldnt take his own life and wants worldly pleasures despite killing his parents, his tribe, lilith, the faerie night club and sookies parents. Thus the light side of him may want to die sort of like how Terry wanted to die for what he did

3. The way warlow died, first off it wasnt that niall was overpowering Warlow cause he wasnt , When niall grabbed warlow and stated jason to come in for the kill, warlow immediately couldlve teleported away. Even when niall grabbed him from behind. I dont buy into this element of suprise crap, whether or not he is ancient doesnt matter cause even I would be able to fight out of that.  Niall stated how clever warlow was, so u think he is going to die by that? Its quite possible he wanted to die but never shown it

Although Im sure it wasnt his intention perhaps he wanted jason to come and kill him and by kidnapping sookie and turning her into his soulmate, perfect opportunity. Dont get me wrong, Im fully sure warlow wanted a faevamp bride, but I feel he couldve wanted the true death too. Again this is all just speculation based off of facts.

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