• Billith-Eric-Sookie-Warlow-Fae-Jason-Nora storyline(Obviously the main storyline, and I believe more about the vampire and fae mythology will be revealed, I believe it will be revealed the God who made Lilith will be the one who has tampered with Liliths blood, I mean cmon, that isnt a normal growl she/he has roared out lately, so obviously some non human beast is taken over it, and Im guessing its virtually indestructible, but they probably cant kill it because its using Bill as a vessel and if they destroy Bills body, the blood will just go into another vampire host. And Warlow will be a part to play as well. Jason will also be hunting down Warlow for revenge and probably be opted to kill Jessica)
  • Tara-Pam storyline will go on probably
  • There will probably be some sort of reprocussions for the destruction of the vampire authority and its members, the new chancellors will probably be-Eric, Nora, Tara, Pam, and Jessica.
  • HOWEVER-The other characters like Sam, Luna, Alcide, Lafayette, andy etc have no business having stoyrlines in my opinion, make them filler and show them on occassion, but why have all these storylines that people including myself loose track of when you can just have a few storylines to use you know, so yeah many characters in my opinion should be written off and used on occassion, but no more storylines for them, if anything it just needs to stick to vampires and fae stories for the major stories from this point out

What do you all think?

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