• Tony Love Heart

    Ok this is my first blog entry and I don't know if anyone would reply but I have to talk about "I'm Alive and on Fire" with someone.

    Impressions: Portia being Bill's descendent, Tommy's family, Luna and her ex-werewolf boyfriend and the Mikey issue.

    Now.. the scene when Marnie, Lafayette, Tara, Jesus and Pam (she looked very hot with that outfit) were in the woods, I was laughing at first, with all that "Stop saying fucking!" and Pam was kinda controlling the situation but then everything just went bad.

    I read some comments saying that she was "stupid" in that scene... at first she was furious and Marnie was just saying some random words with no effect.. it was the very first time I saw Pam actually scared and screaming like that.

    But what re…

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