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  • TwilightReaderFan

    Chat Anyone?

    August 30, 2014 by TwilightReaderFan

    Does anybody on here EVER chat? Every time I come here the chat room is ALWAYS empty. I remember when Wiki's were fairly new and popular and the chat rooms usually always had several people in them. If anyone wants to chat about NewBlood, then I'd be happy to chat back. Seen the series... and read the books. :)

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  • TwilightReaderFan

    I honestly thought THIS last ending season was MUCH better than the previous season. I just couldn't get into last season and thought that "True Blood" was running on empty. The story lines of that season were AWFUL! The last season wasn't so bad in my opinion. However the LAST episode left us lacking. LIKE: just who in the blazes did Sookie wind up marrying? C'mon, we deserved at least that much. All I saw was Sookie kissing a man who had his back to the camera.

    I've also read the books... was a HUGE Sooke fan and loved the book series. One knew almost immediately that the tv series was 'loosely' based on the "Dead Until Dark" series. Tara was white in the book, and not too close to Sookie. I actually thought what the series did with Tara …

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