Oh my god people I can't believe after waiting for so long True is here and it's back with a vengeance,the kick off to season 5(picking up from season 4's ending) was great and the episodes are hotter than ever. Especially the guys, my favorite is Bill(Stephen Moyer) of course(sorry eric fans) and Alicide(joe maganiellio, don't know if I spelled his name right). So how is every one liking the season so far? What are some of your favorite parts in the episodes we have seen? I'll let you all know 5 of my favorites....

1.) Sookie getting her butt kicked by vampire Tara.

I know it might seem harsh to say that,but after everything Sookie and vampires put her through I think she kind of deserved it.

2.)Pam getting thrown 20 feet across the room in fangtasia.

Pam is always talking crap to Sookie and trying to embrass her or threaten her, and she got a taste of her own medicine(I mean come on the look on her face was priceless when Sookie used her powers).

3.)The Vampire Authority.

I was so excited to see the vampire authority come out the shadows and reveal themselves,I especially like Roman, since Christopher Meloni was a cop on Law and Order:SVU.


I'am very conflicted about Tara because one hand she got turned into the thing she hates the most which is of course a vampire, but at the same time I think she might get a little pay bak for everything bad that people has done to her.

5.)True Blood

YEAH TRUE BLOOD !!! I'am so hyped about this season and we are only three episodes in, I can't to see what happens in the rest of the season, especially with Russell Edgingtion free.

WildgirlWhat are some of your favorite moments from the episodes we seen in season 5 of any other season? Do you have new favorite characters that you didn't have in the other season? Or if you want to comments jst leave your thoughts down below.

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