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True Blood Season 5 is finally here! After 9 months of waiting, we finally get to find out what happens to everyone, but how good was the premiere according to the critics? Check out our review round-up below for the answer to that question, and be sure to leave your own opinion in the comments at the bottom!

Liked It

TV Fanatic

Score: 4/5

I obviously don't watch True Blood for any kind of realism, but all shows require a sense of flow or continuity. It was hard to feel either on this episode. It suffered from Game of Thrones-itis, jumping from one story to another and not giving viewers any specific idea of what lies ahead this season.

I'll be along for the ride, don't get me wrong. I'm not going all Lafayette here and claiming I'm done with all this "supernatural bullsh-t."

There are always enough witty True Blood quotes, sex, nudity, gore and all-around fun ridiculousness to keep me entertained. But it's hard to argue that the show is all over the place right now, isn't it?

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The Hollywood Reporter

The season 5 opener planted a lot of new seeds for the upcoming season. How will Tara react to being a vampire? What will Alcide do if he finds out Sookie killed Debbie? What role will new vampire Reverend Steve play in Bon Temps? How will Eric and Bill deal with the repercussions of killing a member of The Authority? And what does the return of baddie vamp Russell Edgington mean for the survival of vampires and humans alike?

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Thought it was okay

Television without pity

In the end, I guess, it's worth sticking around to see just how offensive the Newlin and Tara storylines will get -- and of course the hope, as always, is that the show will stay amazing -- but I'm not so sure I'm going to last the season.

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Screen Rant

An often action-packed thrill ride through the repercussions of the previous season, the True Blood season 5 premiere presents a thoroughly entertaining, though flawed, first installment for the series’ new year.

Picking up where the chaotic True Blood season 4 finale left, much of the premiere follows Sookie (Anna Paquin) and friends through the aftermath of their murderous escapades. Certainly a necessity given the numerous cliffhangers and unfinished stories that were left from last season, a noticeable divide presents itself in the premiere, where tying up loose ends with some characters is juxtaposed with new, compelling stories for others.

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Didn't like it

The Daily Beast

HBO’s popular True Blood has never been known as a slow-burn drama. Instead of advancing the plot minutely from episode to episode, the Southern Gothic vampire drama has, during its four seasons to date, zoomed at a breakneck speed, hurtling toward its cliffhanger ending each year at a maximum velocity.

While that can rev up viewers’ adrenaline levels, it can also lead to severe narrative whiplash, which is exactly what has happened to the show.

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