True-Blood-Wiki S06E01 SS 001
I think this image pretty much sums up the Bill/Sookie/Eric love/hate triangle at the moment :P

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For the most part, Who Are You, Really? played out about like I expected, with a few minor exceptions. I didn't think "Billith" was going to sort of calm down so quickly, nor did I expect Sookie to stake him/her/it like she did, with almost no hesitation at all. I didn't think Jessica was going to jump on the Billith band-wagon so easily either, and now I'm starting to think *they* might hook up - as most makers do with their progeny - and that would just be creepy, given their age difference.

I was hoping Luna would make it, and I'm not 100% convinced she hasn't, although it looks pretty grim at this point... I've heard some debate over whether or not that was actually Warlow, but I think I'll plead the 5th on that one. :P Considering the accelerated pregnancy, I knew Andy's "kids" would mature quickly - I'm not sure why he, Arlene, and Terry didn't. I'm expecting them to get attached to the girls, and then try to resist when the Fae come calling.

Any guesses as to what Tara was shot with? A lead bullet with colloidal silver core? A colloidal silver filled tranq-dart? I've even considered some kind of probe with a UV LED bulb in it. I like the whole research angle as far as humans coming up with more effective weapons by doing live testing, that's SO in our nature...

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What did you think of the season 6 premiere?

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