The general consensus is that this wiki is strictly for the HBO series based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, and not for the books themselves.

In light of this, we need to remove all spoiler information from this wiki, and instead link to the Southern Vampire Mysteries Wiki. If people want to learn what might happen to certain characters according to the books, then they can make the conscious decision to check out the book wiki. I can relate first-hand though that looking up characters from the HBO series, and stumbling across future information that has yet to be revealed on the show, can be heartbreaking.

Anyone who has seen all the True Blood episodes and knows exactly what has, and has not been revealed yet - is welcome to start hunting down spoilers, and removing any details which True Blood fans who have not read the books should still be in the dark about.

PLEASE take care not to remove anything that really does belong there, and if you have any doubts one way or the other, drop me a line first on my talk page. Since I own the first 2 seasons - and have the current season recorded - I will probably already know one way or the other, but I can easily pull up any episode to double-check. I work for Wikia Inc., so I am on one wiki or another pretty much all day - and I am likely to get the message either immediately, or very soon after you send it.

Let the hunt begin!

Just as a side-note, if any of you have read the books, and you see any info lacking on the Southern Vampire Mysteries Wiki, don't be afraid to fill in any blanks over there. We are going to be trying to cultivate a partnership with them, and hopefully - as "sister-wikis" - we can help each other out and improve both in the long run.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help! :) 11:48, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

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