Season 1 Episode 1

Vampires have been 'out of the coffin' for two years, but no one in the small town of Bontemps has knowingly come across one. Sam Merlotte stocks True Blood at his bar just in case. Sookie Stackhouse works at the bar, and can hear all of the patrons' thoughts, until one night Bill Compton walks into the bar. She can't hear his thoughts and is immediately interested because of the calm 'break' he provides.

In this episode, we also meet the Rattrays, a human couple who are trashy awful people. They sit in Sookie's section and begin a conversation with Bill, the vampire. Since Sookie can hear their thoughts, she knows the Rattrays are planning to drain the vampire of his blood. They are interested in his blood because it is a powerful drug when ingested by humans. They can make a fortune selling it off drop by drop to V (vampire blood) users.

Sookie is convinced Bill needs her help, but Sam and Tara convince her that the vampire can take care of himself. She suddenly notices that the Rattrays and Bill have left the bar, and runs to find them, knowing that Bill is in serious trouble.

She finds Bill bound by silver chains and unable to defend himself from the Rattrays who are draining his blood. Sookie hits Mack Rattray on the back of a head with a board, and then manages to get a chain wrapped around his neck. Denise Rattray grabs her husband, and runs away after telling Sookie "this ain't over".

Sookie frees Bill from the silver chains and promises to keep his sensitivity to silver a secret.

Sookie's Grandmother knows about her run in with the vampire, and asks if Sookie thinks Bill might have been around for the Civil War because she's interested in having him speak for her history group "Descendants of the Glorious Dead".

At the end of the episode, Sookie is leaving work when she notices a beat up car and then the Rattrays attack her. She curls into the fetal position and is spitting up blood. The Rattrays continue to try to kill her.

Anything important I left out? What did you think after watching the first episode? Who was your favorite character at this point?

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