Season 1 Episode 2

The Rattray's come back for revenge in this episode, however Sookie is saved first by a collie, and then by Bill Compton. Bill gives her his blood as a way to heal her, which creates some strange side effects.

Jason is shown the sex tape he made with Maudette and realizes that he was not the murderer, only a person of interest since he was apparently the last person to see her alive.

Sookie invites Bill to come and meet her Grandmother, Jason, and her best friend Tara. Tara and Jason do not approve of Bill, but Sookie's grandmother is thrilled with him and excited to have him speak to her historical group, Decedents of the glorious dead.

Tara is battling her mother's alcoholism, Jason continues to sleep around, a new church threatens vampires, Sookie meets some strange vampires, and the search for Maudette's murder continues.

Anyone have anything to add? This one is a little shorter than the rest so I could use some help filling in the details!

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