Season 1 Episode 3 Mine

Sookie meets Malcolm Liam and Diane and Bill's house. They try to glamour her (which of course doesn't work). The vampires try to bite Sookie, but Bill stops them by laying claim to Sookie. The vampires put on a show for Sookie intending to scare her, then try to make Bill drink from one of their humans. Sookie stops any of them from drinking when she reads on of the human's minds and finds out that he has HepD which is a type of hepatitis that is harmless to humans but weakens vampires for several months.

Jason has been tied to Dawns bed, she comes home from work to find him missing. A masked man grabs her from behind, saying he's the vampire she had sex with, which is great with Dawn, until he says "I ate the guy you had tied to the bed". That freaks her out...At that point Jason pulls of the mask and cracks up. Dawn is upset at first, but then decides she'll get over it and tries to have sex with Jason, the only problem is he can't get it up. Dawn is pissed, kicks Jason out of her house, and he is seen by a neighbor calling Dawn a bitch as he leaves.

Sam and Tara decide to solve both of their problems by sleeping together.

Jason goes to Lafayette to see if he can buy some Viagra and ends up getting V (vampire blood)

Sam asks Sookie to check on Dawn because she hasn't shown up for her shift at Merlot's. Sookie goes over to Dawns, knocks, feels something is wrong, goes in and finds Dawns dead body.

Anything to add? Anything I missed?

What would you rate this episode on a scale of 1-4 stars?

I give it 3 stars. I wasn't a huge fan of the Jason/Dawn section

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