Zena Perona-Teofilo

aka Kitty Paws

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Teacher, Writer, Artist
  • I am Female
  • Zena Perona-Teofilo

    Hi All!

    To those who have seen Season 4 of True Blood then I know that you have heard about Jessica and Jason's new found relationship. I am a Jessica fan and I did get a bit upset as her life became so somewhat boring and normal after moving in with Hoyt. I like them together yes but let's face it, having Hoyt in her life made her a bit dull. Jason, on the other hand, was a changed man. He was now in law enforcement and is helping Andy get out of his V addiction somehow. I feel bad that he suddenly had to go through all the bad things with Crystal and her werepanther tribe and I knew the moment, Jess and Hoyt found him almost dead by the road, Jess had to make a choice to let him drink her blood to survive and suffer the effects later or j…

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