Hi All!

To those who have seen Season 4 of True Blood then I know that you have heard about Jessica and Jason's new found relationship. I am a Jessica fan and I did get a bit upset as her life became so somewhat boring and normal after moving in with Hoyt. I like them together yes but let's face it, having Hoyt in her life made her a bit dull. Jason, on the other hand, was a changed man. He was now in law enforcement and is helping Andy get out of his V addiction somehow. I feel bad that he suddenly had to go through all the bad things with Crystal and her werepanther tribe and I knew the moment, Jess and Hoyt found him almost dead by the road, Jess had to make a choice to let him drink her blood to survive and suffer the effects later or just let him die. She knew of the consequences and yet she took them. Here are the questions that I have in my head right now.

1. Do you think she planned it all? (I don't think Jessica is that coniving but she might have thought of it to get out of the relationship.)

2. Did she really love Hoyt? (Maybe she did for the time being but she clearly is either trying to move on or she already did.)

3. After Jason already confessing to Hoyt about him and Jessica, they are now officially out. However, Jess has made it clear that she doesn't want any commitments. Where will that lead both of them? Do you think their relationship will last or will this be just another one of his and her flings?

4. Will Crystal come back for Jason? What about the women werepanthers that raped Jason? Do you think they are all pregnant with his children? If they were, do you think they will end up becoming werepanthers even if Alcide and Debbie said that it is impossible for him to create more of their kind because he wasn't were like them?

This is my first blog post and I am quite interested with what you guys think. Please share your thoughts and opinions here. Thank you!~

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