I started this wikia with the intention of building it as one of the top resources for True Blood, but time wasn't on my side until Tom and Overworkedirish came along. They helped build this wiki from scratch and continue to do glorious work to maintain its appeal. In addition, the rest of you, the editors, are thanked as well for helping along the road.

True Blood had an incredible season this year, keeping its fans at the edge of their seat at what to expect. Though I personally felt it dragged on just a bit, it kept me more than satisfied. We have about nine months until season three begins, which gives us plenty of time to go over the wiki and make sure everything's as accurate as possible, and on par with Wikia's policy. And of course, create new articles that have yet to surface. So follow the basics: create, write, SPELL CHECK, and publish.

Just remember to make a user account before making any serious editing. It'll help you keep track of your contributions.


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