And once again, it's a level of excitement that can never be described.

For those of you unaware of who I am, I'm the Principal Bureaucrat of TBWiki. I come here everyday, when I can, to see the growing of this Wikia and relish in all the contributions made by all fans and editors alike. All of you are the heart and souls of this wiki.

Around this time of year is when I come to work full-time on this site, and I've noticed a few changes I love, and a few changes I'm not happy with. But know that I will be keeping an eye on everything and everyone while I'm here. That's not to discourage, of course. But as the "boss", it's my duty.

We're three months away from Season 4. Let's make sure we present it with a fang... I mean bang. ;)

Take care, and happy editing.

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