With QueenBuffy taking a well-deserved break gone from the wiki, I'm going to take over as much responsibility as I can. But just so you're all well-aware I'm a stricter Bureaucrat than the general average, but I can also be more open-minded. So there's a couple of major things that I'm going to allow and keep an eye on.

  • Article comments are re-enabled. This will give everyone a chance to discuss about certain characters, episodes, etc. This will also give everyone that itch to post something as soon as they see it happen in an episode. I warn everyone to read them at your own discretion as spoilers are unavoidable from users.
  • Article comments are closed again. It's obvious people here don't know how to speak to each other as adults.

  • Synposis will be open to write for each episode after they've aired and only by users with created accounts. And I will be reading these synopsis very carefully. If I see any kind of vandalism, I don't care how long you've been editing on this wiki, I will ban you from further edits.

Don't let this intimidate you, however. As long as you play fair, you'll gain my respect. Oh and to note, anyone making intentional vandalisms will also be banned from editing and making accounts. Continue enjoying the season, and happy editing.

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