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  • Zwaniak

    I am curious whether some of these things will be resolved

    - Alcide's father eavesdropped on Sookie and Arlene. What is he gonna do with what he heard?

    - What is Violet up to? She seems to be just crazy and how did she stay alive with such a personality when other crazy vamp die way earlier. Russel was crazy to some, but he was quite calculating to me. I bet she will die somehow.

    - What is the cause of Bill's rapid Hep-V progress? There seems to be a lot of incoherence here. Nora died even faster, so maybe the amount of the virus is crucial, Nora got probably a highly concentrated dose of the viral agent. I guess the vampires in camp got all different doses, some had only little Hep-V in them which made them carriers to spread that shit.

    - Why…

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  • Zwaniak

    Anti-vampire gear

    January 28, 2014 by Zwaniak

    How about wearing a custom made chain mail made from silver wire tight fitting around your neck and anywhere else you can be sucked dry from? Wearing something on top of that gives you some screen against a preying vampire. It does not slow him down, but he is not able to kill with his first strike.

    Any more ideas, lethal and non-lethal?

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  • Zwaniak

    I haven't been peeking the site for a while now, I satisfied my thirst for entertainment watching The Walking Dead, different show, well zombies are supernatural, the setting is Southern, but that's it. I think 'The Walking Dead' is about survival, which gets me back to the point. I know the creators are masters of misleading the fans about the upcoming season, but we have a major death announcement which I think can be taken seriously, it's going to be a final season and season 6th finale rendered a lot of possible deaths that can b confirmed or not.

    I think about the following

    1) Eric, well he's alive in the books, but he got himself in a pretty perilious situation, and unless he cannot dig himself into the rock, he will suffer a fiery dea…

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  • Zwaniak

    I bet only few dedicated True Blood fans read any blog posts here right now, but I kind of have relaxed feeling of True Bloods end. I will never read the books for the stories are too similar(yet totally different) but I probably like the show too much and should spend time elsewhere.

    I think True Blood has set some new standards in vampire TV series and it has been for me at least a very much welcomed alternative to a more teen and coming of age oriented audience as "The Vampire Diaries" or "Twilight". I liked Alexander Skarsgard how he once dogded a question being asked what he thinks about the Twilight cast(Pattinson and co.), He simply answered: "They are cute!". Great answer, especially when you do not like the show, but I guess you ca…

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  • Zwaniak

    male softies

    August 29, 2013 by Zwaniak


    did somebody notice that until season 5 we had had Hoyt coupled with Jessica, he was somewhat older but since he grew up a momma's boy, he quickly became the butt of couple. Jessica has been in the process of maturing, she has been turned in a very young age (I wonder how Deborah Ann Woll born 1985 fakes the youth of a 17 year old). She can hardly develop within that relationship. Hoyt has been kind of a desperate character not the pristine example how males should act to be treated with respect in response. Yet he had enough mind in him left to recognize he needs to leave to further mature himself(especially get rid of his mum).

    Now that Hoyt is gone, and Jason is coupled with Violet in a very one sided relationship, he seems to have i…

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