Charlaine Harris finished her commitment to her novel series. Leaving many fans with her last novel disappointed she reported many rather unpleasent bouts with zealous fans who's behaviour ranged from immature to severely in need of counselling. Allthough I never read her books, I believe I would not have as much pleasure now that I have watched the show, I would express my deepest gratitude for her work which laid the foundation for Alan Ball to create True Blood. Allthough I have been critical regarding many developments on the show I enjoyed having watched True Blood and the atmosphere the show created on the screen.

I would like you to speak your mind, how you think of the show, has your opinion changed over time, do you prefer the literary source over the tv show or vice versa? How long do you think will True Blood run? The show kind of wears off, something readers have criticized became obvious in Charlaine Harris' last novels. On the other hand I don't think a show can awe the audience with each season as True Blood initially did.

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