What did you think of Tara's last scene with her mom? The reconsiliation seemed a little creepy to me as if she would pull a stake while her daughter was distracted feeding. I don't know about that, but there are already rumours that she will infect her daughter with Hep V, in her possibly insane view, to kill this abomination and redeem herself for Jesus, some nonsense like Sara Newlin. But I doubt that: I think True Blood writers are aware of this Wiki and have been doing a pretty good job misleading and deceiving us, example given: the trailer for radioactive. Who did not think Reverend Daniels talking of vampires was rather in the middle of a hate speech than anything else.

As for Tara: reconsiliation can mean she might grow in character that she loses the temper that has driven her or it might become less dominant trait in her. So far Tara has always been in rage an heardly ever found peace.

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