Having read entries from fellow bloggers here and seen the daywalking capabilities of vampires, I think True Blood becomes a little unbalanced, vampires by nature are physically superior to humans with the exception of UV light and silver.

Just to have mentioned it: Staking, Fire, Decapitation kill Humans as well so these are not really weaknesses unique to vampires. Even UV light and silver in high doses will harm humans though not as fast as vampires. Silver poisoning can alter the skin and renders you highly prone to sunlight. It turns your skin into an ugly blueish color. This effect is so far thought to be irreversible.

Season 6 features daywalking vampires, which I rather dislike, now True Blood vampires are almost too powerful, and the show can easily become a hack and slash game, where everything will be subordinated accroding to the most powerful individual vampire, as vampires become less caring of their environment with age. Seen it all and boredom spoil them to varying degrees.

This might be the price of Bill's salvation to the camp vampires he saved, and it is Lillith's fullfilled prophecy when she turned Warlow into a vampire. Question: why did not she drink his blood and gain this ability? True Blood writers better come up with an answer to this.

Another thing is Warlow: ancient creature with some degree of patience, did he really reveal his personality or does he pretend to be nice to Sookie, so when Sookie potentially refuses to be turned, he will turn her by force. His appearance to her, where he tells her that he will come and take her is an entirely different persona than he has shown so far. And what happened to the beard and the hat?

Has anyone clues where this might go?

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