I haven't been peeking the site for a while now, I satisfied my thirst for entertainment watching The Walking Dead, different show, well zombies are supernatural, the setting is Southern, but that's it. I think 'The Walking Dead' is about survival, which gets me back to the point. I know the creators are masters of misleading the fans about the upcoming season, but we have a major death announcement which I think can be taken seriously, it's going to be a final season and season 6th finale rendered a lot of possible deaths that can b confirmed or not.

I think about the following

1) Eric, well he's alive in the books, but he got himself in a pretty perilious situation, and unless he cannot dig himself into the rock, he will suffer a fiery death being an ancient vampire.

2) Tara, since the reconsiliation of Tara with her mother happened after fast forwarding, and Lettie Mae has been terribly abusive of her daughter, I don't really trust this reconsiliation motive. On the other hand, the major death could be Lettie Mae's by the hand of an infected vampire who were about to assault the Bon Temps people gathering.

3) James, well the actor gone, it's possible his death scene is filmed already. The casting call for any actor to follow Luke Grimes could be fake.

To be honest, it could be anyone. In a melee fight a human might use a ranged weapon to kill a speeding vampire and accidently killing someone else in friendly fire.

A major death could mean another major human character will be immortalized as a vampire. Think about Tara.

Well I don't really know, but if you come up with any other ideas, please write them down. I enjoy the contemplation anyway.

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