I am curious whether some of these things will be resolved

- Alcide's father eavesdropped on Sookie and Arlene. What is he gonna do with what he heard?

- What is Violet up to? She seems to be just crazy and how did she stay alive with such a personality when other crazy vamp die way earlier. Russel was crazy to some, but he was quite calculating to me. I bet she will die somehow.

- What is the cause of Bill's rapid Hep-V progress? There seems to be a lot of incoherence here. Nora died even faster, so maybe the amount of the virus is crucial, Nora got probably a highly concentrated dose of the viral agent. I guess the vampires in camp got all different doses, some had only little Hep-V in them which made them carriers to spread that shit.

- Why is Eric so suicidal? His unlife seems to mean so little to him now, he would not pull through 1100 years of existence with such an approach.

- What is the mystery about Tara? She makes her mom and cousin do a lot of weird stuff.

- Where is James going?

- Are we gonna see Jason snatch Hoyt's new girfriend away. A little lame if so. I guess it's gonna head that way before something backfires heavily, like Hoyt's memory blockade being lifted by whomever.

- Where will Sam go? He liked the small village communities his whole life since it is perfect for him to dissapear in the woods having shapeshifted into any animal. I would like to have seen him entering a vampires head in fly form and reverting back to human a couple times more. To risky I guess, if the vampire squeezes him with his tongue before he initiates the backshift.

On the other hand, I take the show a little too serious, I admit. But that's just my habbit of trying to piece together the clues of what will happen actually, especially now that the series went far form its source.

Any more story thread left?

I presume Bill's rapid decline might stem from him having consumed most of Lillith's blood, I gues there is some of Lillith in him slumbering. Since Lillith is he most pure vampire by age, if she was alive. She might be most vulnerable to Hep-V as well similar to the sun's short wavelengh UV-light component. Sookies blood alone might not have accelerated his health's detoriation so strongly.

Is there some money left for some nasty vampire demise or will there be only exploding blood bags? I wonder what happens to the clothes. they seem to dissappear to somehow in many cases.

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