I bet only few dedicated True Blood fans read any blog posts here right now, but I kind of have relaxed feeling of True Bloods end. I will never read the books for the stories are too similar(yet totally different) but I probably like the show too much and should spend time elsewhere.

I think True Blood has set some new standards in vampire TV series and it has been for me at least a very much welcomed alternative to a more teen and coming of age oriented audience as "The Vampire Diaries" or "Twilight". I liked Alexander Skarsgard how he once dogded a question being asked what he thinks about the Twilight cast(Pattinson and co.), He simply answered: "They are cute!". Great answer, especially when you do not like the show, but I guess you can leave it be too the youngsters, they might grow up and rediscover True Blood in its reruns. Charlaine Harris who inspired the TV Series said, she rather utters words of praise instead of criticism. She is dead on. There are only a few things one likes, a lot barely known, and an indefinite number of things yet unkown to oneself. Why wayste time with criticism, unsless it is really necessary. True Blood had a huge following and in the age of youtube and Twitter, there are too many people who watched the show and found error's or flaws of character design. I bet many of them are right, but it still does not matter even if it is a TV show, it is fiction, crafted, many characters have not been concepted the way they came out for an infinite manifold of reasons. So any popular show in future will have to face the chalange of an organised audience who collects the story within a content management servise on some server mercilessly tracking all pieces together and uncover story inconsistencies.

Most shows live of characters that grow dear to the audience and so does True Blood, it has a very young and attractive cast which underlines the portrayed vampire's key attributes how he moves among its prey and draws them close to siphon off some blood or drain the puppy dry. Don't forget vampires have killed not only to survive, you can judge them any way you like, just don't forget that even younger vamps like Jessica killed a trucker, how easily can you dismiss that as an accident, it was none, because you feel attracted to Jessica physically(young beautiful female) or beacuse you like the characer herself? The answer goes way deeper than True Blood would ever elaborate, it is not very entertaining to think about that. Yet this is the way True Blood teases with its audience, attractive characters, a writer team that successfully evades a well informed audiences' expectations, and very funny spoofing of contemporary American culture.

This all sound like a too early eulogy, which I detest, but I think True Blood set a benchmark following shows have to compare too. If I have a say what show like True Blood should have had, less sex scenes! Joe Manganiello, great body, made a lot guys feel low for sure, but the werewolves plot thereafter has been dropped, so he could be paired with Sookie, an end more similar to Charlaine Harris books where Sookie ends with Sam, both supernatural yet not immortal, whatever statement that maybe. Another aspect of a show that would follow True Blood, a cast that might be less attractive, some actors have too alomost starve in order to have a young appearance, their vampire characters are not supposed to show signs of aging. There have been great vampire shows in the past which suffered a much earllier demise, a still been good, "Forever Knight", "Kindred" which all had their controversial aspects. I can look back happy on the past seasons and look forward to a great finale season.

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