did somebody notice that until season 5 we had had Hoyt coupled with Jessica, he was somewhat older but since he grew up a momma's boy, he quickly became the butt of couple. Jessica has been in the process of maturing, she has been turned in a very young age (I wonder how Deborah Ann Woll born 1985 fakes the youth of a 17 year old). She can hardly develop within that relationship. Hoyt has been kind of a desperate character not the pristine example how males should act to be treated with respect in response. Yet he had enough mind in him left to recognize he needs to leave to further mature himself(especially get rid of his mum).

Now that Hoyt is gone, and Jason is coupled with Violet in a very one sided relationship, he seems to have inherited Hoyt's appointment. The way he begs to release his pent up sexual frustration on Violet is funny at first, but how long does that work.

I would not be able to hold out that long, and I do ot know any guy who would.

I guess this will be the relationship that will deteriorate in the next season. Hope that you do not concur otherwise the writers might notice, and rewrite the next season ;-)

just kidding, but post what you think about Jason's relationship.

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