I browse TB wiki quite often and it's hard to miss that there are minor changes to minor characters like vampires. The ages change etc, which I think is quite dramatic following the show's logic older vampires are more powerful and command deference from younger ones. While most authority chancelors were initially as ancient as pas 2000 years old, now the figures dropped dramatically, how did this come to be? Are there any sources.

I regret that vampires though seasoned entities are killed of red-shirt style. They should be atuned to be ceaselessly watching their surroundings, it is a tough sell to have a creature desiring eternal life to die so foolishly.

Unless the centuries made a vampire dull and it no longer cares for its own survival. This ain't the case for Authority members.

Eric allows himself being arrested by the governor's police force is stupid as well. He should be aware, that he does not know how far they will go or whether and how soon they will start to kill off their captives. He usually acts less imprudent with two exceptions Sookie and Godric.

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