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"And their flesh shall nourish yours, their blood shall flow within you, for as the beetle nourishes the lark so shall human nourish vampire."
―Excerpt from the "Book of the Vampyr"[src]
S05E02 Vampire bible

The bible pre-dates the old and new testaments.

The Book of the Vampyr, alternatively known as the Original Testament or the Vampire Bible, is the sacred text of the Vampire religion, found on the HBO original series True Blood.



Allegedly older than either testament of the "Holy Bible", the "Book of the Vampyr" chronicles the creation of the universe, all life in it, the life and demise of Lilith, and the beginnings of "The Authority".

Season 6Edit

At no point does the text mention the possibility of Lilith returning or being resurrected, so vampire Bill Compton's transformation after ingesting Lilith's blood came as a complete surprise, even to those who knew the text well. ("Who Are You, Really?"), It was later discovered, however, that the text held even more secrets than was previously thought. ("The Sun")

Despite its prominence and central role in vampire society, its authenticity and accuracy are dismissed by many vampires. This even includes members of the Authority. Guardian Roman Zimojic didn't place much faith in the book that gave him his rank and Chancellor Dieter Braun claimed that the work's author, an acquaintance of his, was intoxicated while writing it.


Book of LilithEdit

  • Background
    • Lilith, the first, but non-servient wife, of Adam, in the Hebrew bible, is a demon in Jewish mythology.

Book of BaphometEdit

  • Background
    • Baphomet is the ancient goat-headed idol used in occult practices and satanic rituals.

Book of AzeraEdit

  • Background
    • Azera, possibly a feminized form of Ezra, is a writer, prophet, and a preacher against sinful marriages.

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