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Vampire Creation

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  • Turning
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When a vampire turns a human
into a vampire.
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Vampire Creation is the process during which a vampire turns a human being into a vampire. On the HBO original series True Blood, a vampire who turns a human into a vampire is known as a Maker, and the newly turned vampire is known as the Maker's Progeny.



The process of creating a new vampire takes about a full day, although sometimes it has been known to take longer. The process to turn a human into a vampire is quite involved and is therefore not to be taken lightly. The baby and the producer will have a manufacturer - offspring bond, unless the maker deserts or release their progeny.

The vampire must drain most of the blood from the human body, and replace it with their own. This can be done all at once, or over several days. Once the totality of the human blood is replaced, the body needs to be buried in the ground for at least 24 hours. This is generally not a peaceful process, and can be very confusing for the newborn vampire. Sometimes it can also be painful as the physiology has changed from human to vampire.

After waking up, the newborn vampire must dig to get out of their grave. Unless they were aware that the change was about to take place, this can be a very hectic and confusing for them.


Willa's Powers

Willa feeds for the first time.

Newborn vampires are thirsty, and they will need to feed on human or synthesized  blood to survive. Even babies have some control of their abilities, are mostly controlled by their impulses, and can cause serious damage and accidental deaths to humans around them. In addition, infants can not resist blood at all, as resistance develops only with age.

A Maker is responsible for their child. Unless extreme circumstances that prevent the creator to be there when the baby wakes up, the creator is generally provide support for the child, and then bring them to teach them the ways of a vampire. This process typically takes only a year, even if the majority of the producers keep their child with them for as long as possible.

Existence of a newborn depends on their ability, that they are taught by their creator. These skills take time to learn and develop, and how vampires age, they become more adept at controlling them. According to Bill Compton, two-thirds of infants die during their first year without the guidance of their creators.

The creation of a vampire to "save" someone (i.e. accidents, terminal illness, drug overdose ), can have devastating effects. The circumstances of these cases makes a human being closer to death, and can cause the process of turning to go horribly wrong, resulting in mental disability, birth or death.

Species that can be TransformedEdit

Witches can be turned into vampires, but the combined entity will be a normal vampire, since vampires can not practice magic. Faeries can also be transformed, but it is unknown if other supernatural creatures (such as werewolves and shapeshifters) can be turned into vampires or the effect that such a transformation would have on the creature.



Vampires are a supernatural species of undead immortals, who were originally humans converted by a maker. Their primary characteristics include being "undead" (characterized by a lack of a heartbeat, brainwaves, electrical impulses, need to breathe, and other bodily functions), fangs, and the need to drink blood to survive.


A Faerie-vampire is a combination of a vampire and a faerie which has both traits and also have both abilities. These type of hybrid are created when a faerie is bitten and turn by a vampire. They will become a vampire with both powers of a faerie and a vampire which make them even more powerful.

Scientific ConsiderationsEdit

Vampires do not usually research their nature with scientific methods and do not know what it is that creates them or are simply ignorant of the matter. Since vampires are the ancient process of creation that could reflect and be buried is more tradition than necessity. Burial offers shelter from the sun. If the creation process happened within structures proof of sunlight, the process could be successful.