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Var cartoon

VRA cartoon, part of the Pro-VRA Campaign

The Vampire Rights Amendment, also known as the VRA, is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution, found on the HBO original series True Blood. The Amendment, if approved and ratified, would give vampires the same equal rights given to humans, but only in the United States.



The main supporters of the bill are the American Vampire League and Senator William Bradford.

One of the most important events of the Pro-VRA campaign was 2008's Tru Blood Rally in Washington, D.C.

Season 5Edit

The VRA was drafted by Roman Zimojic, the Guardian of the Vampire Authority, with the aid of Alexander Drew, a Chancellor of the Authority. ("We’ll Meet Again")

Season 7Edit

In the episode Karma, when Bill Compton went to an attorney to will his house to Jessica Hamby, the attorney mentioned that the VRA did not pass. ("Karma")


The VRA has received strong opposition from freshman Congressman David Finch, other conservative elected officials, and organizations such as the Fellowship of the Sun. The main fear of the opposition is that recognizing equal rights to vampires would lead to the "vampirization" of America.

It also seems that some vampires such as Russell Edgington oppose the VRA, believing instead that vampires should dominate humans. ("Everything Is Broken")

Vampire Rights MentionedEdit

  • Vampires are able to own not only their own homes, but public spaces as well; Eric Northman, for example, owns Fangtasia.
  • Vampires have their own hotels, such as Hotel Carmilla in Dallas, which caters to Vampires.
  • Vampires have their own airline, Anubis Air Airlines, equipped with specialty coffins for flight.
  • Vampires can also marry in some states, as we see Bill Compton proposing to Sookie Stackhouse.
  • Vampires have the right to own businesses. 
  • Vampire curfew will be removed. 

VRA Campaign AdsEdit

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