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Vampire Sheriff

Vampire sheriffs
Title Information
Rule their respective area and report back to their monarch.
Notable features


Vampire Sheriff is a position of considerable power and responsibility within the vampire hierarchy. On the HBO original series True Blood, vampire sheriffs govern large territories called "areas", and all vampires within a given area must obey their sheriff, and report to him or her when a crime occurs.


While sheriffs rule over vampires within their areas, control of the individual vampire Kingdom or Queendom resides under the control of the vampire monarch, preceded by the Vampire Authority. This hasn't always been the case, however, as it was stated by American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan that vampire monarchy goes back further than the Vampire Authority, and that in the past it possessed even more power.


While age or status play only a small role in a vampire becoming a sheriff, it is assumed that a vampire has to have done something very significant or impressive enough to be granted the title of sheriff. It would also stand to reason that the vampire sheriff would have to be as old and powerful as most vampires in his or her area in order to have the ability to enforce the rule of Vampire Law with any sort of ease and consistency. Vampire sheriffs are under the authority of kings and queens and are hired and fired at the discretion of the Vampire Authority.

Territory OrganizationEdit

A vampire Kingdom or Queendom can be split into districts which are governed by an appointed Vampire Sheriff who serve under the reigning King or Queen of the State. Those who closely serve a king or queen are considered to be members of their royal court.

Acquisitions Upon MarriageEdit

Similar to when two vampire monarchs marry, when two vampire sheriffs marry, an allegiance is formed between them and the territories they oversee. Upon the death of either one, the other becomes the ruler of both.

Territory SuccessionEdit

Upon the death of a reigning sheriff, the Vampire Authority will appoint a new sheriff.

Known Vampire SheriffsEdit

Former Vampire SheriffsEdit

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