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Violet Mazurski is an intimidating yet mysterious vampire in the series True Blood. Played by actress Karolina Wydra, Violet first appeared as an inmate at Burrell's Camp in Season 6. She remained a recurring character through the series' sixth season and returned as a main character in the series' seventh, and final, season.


Violet usually maintains a calm composure. She appears to be strong and fearsome and has no trouble keeping other vampires in check. As the apparent leader of the vampires in general population one, she uses her abilities to maintain peace among the group and prevent fights.

She however does not seem to help others for free, as she reminds Jessica and Tara they owe her one for helping them. Often times, she has shown to be very manipulative. Shown when handling matters in Gen Pop and trying to win over Jason Stackhouse.

Her conversation with Jason revealed much about her personality. She was raised as Catholic, though her beliefs differ from modern Catholicism, the latter of which she describes as "bullshit." She believes in God and the sanctity of romantic union, which she sees in Jason. She seems to possess a genuine attraction to Jason and makes it clear that he is hers both as food and as a mate.


Early LifeEdit

She was born sometime in the late 12th century.  Where she was born is not known and she was raised Catholic. She states that her faith is not the "modern world bullshit" of modern Catholicism, but "bad-ass, medieval times Catholicism". She might be of Polish origin regarding her surname, Mazurski, and the icon of the Virgin Mary, she has in her room at Stackhouse's basement, which is most famous polish icon - Black Madonna of Czestochowa.

Season 6Edit

In the female general population, Jessica unintentionally almost causes a riot by refusing her vial of Living Donor Blood during feeding time. Tara stands her ground and defends Jessica. The frenzy subsides when Violet, who obviously holds power in the unit, orders the other women to leave Jessica alone. Violet inquires as to if Jessica is alright, but Tara retains her threatening stance and says Jessica is fine. Violet declares that they owe her, angering Tara.("Fuck the Pain Away")


Violet saves Jason

After being discovered by Sarah Newlin, Jason gets an arm cut by a fellow camp guard and gets thrown into female general population one so that Jason can enjoy his 'vampire sluts'. The vampires immediately get drawn to his blood until Tara stands in front of him. She tells all the other women to back off when Violet claims Jason is hers.("In the Evening")

Violet asks Jason why he is in female gen pop 1. He explains his relationship with Sarah, to which Violet just smiles and states that it might just work out between Jason and herself. Jason thanks her and begins to walk away, only for Violet to stop him by saying that she meant what she said when she claimed him as hers. She explains that she was raised as a medieval Catholic and that she believes in God and the sanctity of romantic union, which she sees between herself

Violet feeding off Jason

and Jason. She also makes it clear that he is hers forever, even if they get out of Burrell's camp. While Violet is feeding from Jason; Tara, Willa, Pam and Jessica try to free Jason with Violet refusing angrily. Inside the chamber, Violet has finished feeding. Jason begs her not to rape him. Leading to her explaining, that some don't know the difference from feeding and sex. Warning him that one time they will and he will want it, though she will make him beg for it. Guards inform Violet that she must drink the blood. She heads over to get the blood before stopping hearing Tara saying something about Jason. After a confrontation with Tara and Pam, she is sent to a room with Jessica, Willa, Tara, Pam, James and Steve. Jessica informs them that they will meet the sun in there with Violet looking up shocked.("Dead Meat")

Bill finds another empty general population and realizes he has no choice but to use his own blood to save the vampires. He finds a guard still alive and he has him take him to the white circular room. Sarah is walking upstairs to the top of the building holding Willa, Pam, Tara, Violet, Jessica, James and Steve Newlin. She turns the mechanism to open the ceiling letting light into the building but as she does so Bill is already there feeding the group his blood. Eric, Jason, Ginger and Dr.Finn find themselves in the next room watching the scene through the two way mirrors. Eric goes into the circular room and holds Steven Newlin into the sun before he can have Bill's blood. Before Steve meets the true death he screams out his love for Jason Stackhouse. The rest of the vampires are high from the faerie blood and relish their freedom in the sun. Pam goes into the other room and kills Dr.Finn.

Violet holds Bill thanking him for the gift of light as Pam dances with Dr.Finn's dead body and the other vampires dance and celebrate. Pam then asks if everyone should be dead and Jason realizes they haven't found Sarah Newlin and leaves as the other vampires exit the other way leaving Bill alone in the circular room.


The vampires make it outside and begin to destroy all of the contaminated Tru Blood. They show in other areas of the world such as Honolulu the Tru Blood is taken off the delivery trucks. Bill is in the circular as the Sirens tell him his time on earth has come to an end. Bill tells them he is not going anywhere and he did as he was asked so they should just leave before summoning Jessica. Jessica feels his pull and recalls that they left Bill behind. James accompanies her to find Bill.

The vampires come to the exit of the camp when Jessica, James and Bill join them. Jason comes from the another direction and Violet sees him and claims him again as her own. As the rest of the vampires happily leave the camp in the sun. ("Life Matters")

Jason and Violet go to Bills house to celebrate their freedom. When Sookie is walking back from Terry's funeral she encounters Jason with the freed vampires and approaches them. When Violet sees Jason and Sookie talking she gets furious, leaving Jason and Sookie to explain that they were brother and sister. Violet tells Sookie that's sister too and kisses her. She later helps Adilyn, Andy, Jason and Bill rescue Sookie from Warlow. She is seen next with Jason (6 months later) at his house with Jason preforming oral sex as he begs to have sex, but she gleefully denies him and orders him resumed to what he was doing. ("Radioactive")

Season 7Edit

Violet continues to exert her control over Jason,denying him sex, and interfering with his duties as a police officer. After one such incident where Violet scares off Vince and a band of vigilantes who are hunting H-Vamps, Jason confronts her about the lack of parity in their relationship. Jason finally shows assertiveness and they have sex for the first time on the hood of his car. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

Violet goes with Sookie, Jason, Bill, Eric, Pam and the other vampires to Fangtasia to rescue Arlene, Nicole and Jane, and fought the infected vampire outside the bar.

Violet later came to the party at Sookie's house. Later that night, she hears Jason and Jessica having sex.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Violet seems an especially strong and fearsome member of the undead. She seems to have lots of control over other people. She has the inherent powers and weaknesses of a vampire; she is immortal, super-strong, super-fast, heightened senses, and accelerated healing. Due to her age, she has superior strength compared to the other female vampires in Burrell's camp, including Pam. With Salome Agrippa and Nan Flanagan having met the true death, Violet is currently the oldest and strongest female vampire on the show.

Before Sarah Newlin could open up the roofing shining sunlight upon her, she drank the blood of Bill Compton to save her and the others. His blood gave her the ability to daywalk. Letting her walk in the sunlight indefinitely. When Warlow died she lost the ability to daywalk.

She can be killed by common means for vampires in the series such as: stake through her heart, decapitation, massive bodily damage, heart extraction or destruction, massive blood loss, fire, and Hepatitis V("Life Matters")


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Season six appearances
"Who Are You, Really?" "The Sun" "You're No Good" "At Last"
"Fuck the Pain Away" "Don't You Feel Me" "In the Evening" "Dead Meat"
"Life Matters" "Radioactive"
Season seven appearances
"Jesus Gonna Be Here" "I Found You" "Fire in the Hole" "Death is Not the End"
"Lost Cause" "Karma" "One Last Time" "TBA"

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