Season 5Edit



Warlow ambushes Corbett and Michelle.

Warlow is first seen in a flashback when he sensed/smelled Sookie's bloody band-aid in the back seat of Corbett and Michelle's car. It was assumed they were killed in a flash flood on a bridge, however Sookie discovers a vampire was actually to blame. ("Hopeless")  

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit


Sookie sees an apparition of Macklyn in her bathroom.

"I am coming for you! You are mine!"
―Warlow, to [Sookie Stackhouse]][src]

Sookie uses Claude and other faeries to perform a ritual to try and discover who actually attacked and killed her parents. She discovered that Claudine had zapped the culprit. Sookie remembers that Claudine had called him "Warlow". He later reached out to Sookie through the ripples, and warned her that he was "coming for her". ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

"Gone, Gone, Gone"Edit

After Jason finds an old manuscript under Adele Stackhouse's floor board, Sookie and Jason take it to an expert to have it identified. The expert declares it is not any language known to humans. The Stackhouses take it to the faeries to translate. According to Maurella, it is a vellum document signed in blood dated in 1702, a contract between John William Stackhouse and M. Warlow that promises the first fae-bearing female in the Stackhouse line to Warlow. According to Claude, that female happens to be Sookie. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")

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