Season 6Edit

"How'd you know Warlow?"
Nora Gainesborough, to Jason Stackhouse[src]

"Who Are You, Really?"Edit

Jason mentions under his breath that he is coming for Warlow; an astonished Nora overhears and asks what Jason knows about him. Later, Nora reveals to Jason that Warlow is mentioned in the Vampire Bible and was one of Lilith's progeny, one of the first vampires. Now being vehemently opposed to anything to do with Lilith, Nora warns of the danger that Warlow poses and that he must be eliminated. ("Who Are You, Really?")

"The Sun"Edit


Warlow coming to the earth realm

Warlow forces his way back into this realm on the bridge. He poses as Ben Flynn and stages being attacked by a vampire in Bon Temps. While walking to work, Sookie finds him in the bushes. At first, she tries to walk off. She however changes her mind and comes to help him. After fishing through his mind, Sookie has a telepathic conversation with Ben, in which she learn that he is a hybrid like her.

Sookie brings 'Ben' back to her house and treats his wounds. When he reveals he has no place to stay, she suggests he go to Hot Wings. On the way to the faerie club, the subject of Sookie's ex comes up. This prompts her to give 'Ben' the rest of the directions and leave. ("The Sun")

"You're No Good"Edit


Warlow staging the vampire attack

When Niall visits Hot Wings, he discovers that Warlow entered the club and attacked the fairies who were there. He leaves and reveals to Sookie, Jason and 'Ben' that there were no survivors. Niall managed to retrieve a sample of Warlow's blood, which oddly, glows brightly when exposed to Photokinesis. Niall and 'Ben' later ambush a vampire watching the Stackhouse home, who turns out to be Nora.("You're No Good")

"At Last"Edit

Niall catches up to Nora, who explains that she is also hunting Warlow, but not for the same reasons. According to her new translation of the Book of the Vampyr, Warlow is the one who cause Lilith to meet the sun. Nora interprets that Warlow is the only one who knows how to kill Lilith (and by extension, Billith).


Warlow Shows his vampire side

Meanwhile, 'Ben' and Sookie tend to Jason. Sookie frets that she doesn't have any V for Jason and calls 911. When she is out of the room, 'Ben' bares his fangs and feeds Jason his blood, healing him. Later that night, Sookie cleans up and finds some of 'Ben's' blood. Suspicious, she exposes it to her light, thus confirming that Ben is Warlow.

The next morning, Jason frets over an erotic dream involving 'Ben', but after talking with Niall, realizes he's coming off of a V high. They come to the same conclusion as Sookie. Niall notes with dread the implications of a Faerie-vampire.

Sookie goes on the offensive and lays a honey trap for Warlow, inviting 'Ben' to dinner that night. Oblivious to her plans, Jason and Niall try to ambush Warlow in the shower. He turns the tables on them, incapacitating Niall and glamouring Jason away. Warlow drains Niall of his blood, but revives him with some of his own, restoring him to health but negating his powers. He then reveals that he intentionally spared Niall all those centuries ago, as he couldn't bring himself to kill a child, even after reducing his own parents to dust. Warlow decrees he would spare Niall again, by trapping him in the same dimension Claudine had trapped him in.


Sookie and Ben/Warlow make out on the couch.

Warlow proceeds to Sookie's house for dinner. He is unaffected by the silver that Sookie has laced his meal with. Sookie presses him for details about why she is so important, Warlow only waxes poetic about finding someone who understands him. After dinner, Sookie succumbs to Warlow's amorous advances, at least for as long as she needs to generate her photokinesis supernova, at which point she orders, "Get the fuck off me... Warlow."("At Last")