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Werepanthers are a supernatural species on True Blood who possess the ability to transform between their human and panther forms. They are the antithesis to the werewolves.


Rumored originEdit

The first werepanthers, "Ghost Daddy" and "Ghost Mommy", were part of a tribe that adored the panthers as gods. But then the "sky people" came and declared war against nature. Most of the tribe joined them, but the two remained loyal to their god and in return he ate them. In his stomach they absorbed his magic and after being vomited they gained the ability of shift.

Season 3Edit

The first werepanther revealed is Crystal Norris. After an argument with her father over her engagement to her half brother, Felton Norris, she leaves Hotshot for Jason's house. After Jason rescinds Bill's invitation from his house following an argument over Sookie's well being, he witnesses Crystal's transformation from panther to human form.("I Smell a Rat")

Season 4Edit

The werepanthers living in Hotshot are deeply inbred due to their tradition of keeping their tribe's bloodline "pure" through incest. This has the unfortunate consequence of leaving them unable to produce healthy offspring due to a lack of diversity in their gene pool. The risk of extinction has led the werepanthers to resort to extreme measures of breeding by any means necessary.

Jason Stackhouse's brief imprisonment was an example of their desperation. According to Felton, Jason will heal of his injuries and become one of them on the next full moon. When the teens in the community see Jason bitten, they ask the elder how their species came to be. Luther responds by telling them the story of werepanthers.

When asked by Sookie Stackhouse, werewolf Alcide Herveaux states that, were-creatures are hereditary and not made by biting or other injuries, but somehow it turned out to work on Jason Stackhouse.

It is currently unknown if there are other werepanther tribes outside of Hotshot.


  • In the show, the trainers use melanistic leopards (Panthera pardus) as cougars (Puma concolor) have not been documented exhibiting a melanistic variant.
  • In the books, a werepanther is way stronger than a werewolf. In fact, they were on par strength-wise with an average aged Vampire.
  • Jason becomes a werepanther in the book. 

Known werepanthersEdit

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