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Notable features
  • Enhanced strength
  • Shift from human to wolf form.
  • Short temper characterized by the emergence of wolf eyes.


Werewolves are a supernatural species of shape-shifters, of which possess the ability to shift between human and wolf form. They are part of the "two-natured" species, and are a branch of the shifter species. Unlike the vampires, the existence of wolves isn't public knowledge. However, werewolves are close to being exposed, so Alcide and his pack are doing everything to prevent that. 

Werewolves differ from shifters and other were's in mentality. While their relative species are independent and lead nomadic lives, werewolves are territorial and function collectively in "Packs". Each pack has a "Pack Master" who is the leader of the pack. 

Most werewolves are honorable in human form. Others have been known to be addicted to Vampire Blood and cause trouble. It's also implied that shapeshifters are hunted or discriminated against by werewolves and other weres.


In 1945, Russell Edgington lead a pack of werewolves as part of Operation Werewolf.




Marcus angry.

In their human form, werewolves appear as normal humans. After shifting, each werewolf has a distinct wolf form, which differs mainly in fur and eye color. The wolf form does not necessarily resemble the human form (same eye/hair color).


Even in human form, werewolves have a higher body temperature than humans do. During a shift, a werewolves' anatomy changes completely from human to wolf. As with their cosmetic features, werewolf anatomies are not influenced by their human form.


Werewolves are able to digest normal food and drinks. However, in their wolf form, werewolves can digest anything a normal wolf can consume. This includes humans, animals, vampires and other werewolves. With exception of V addicted ones, werewolves don't have urges or habits which involve killing and feeding from different creatures .


Being a werewolf is innate. One or both of the parents must be a werewolf themselves. If only one parent is a Werewolf, there's a chance the child will not be. But if both parents are werewolves, the child(ren) will certainly be a werewolf.

Humans (and other supes) cannot be turned into werewolves through bites or other methods, besides being born as one.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - Werewolves are shown to be slightly stronger than regular humans. They can overpower humans and easily rag-doll them, but they can be fought off. Their strength is weaker than that of a vampire. Even in wolf form they're no match for vampires and higher supernaturals. V heightens their physical abilities, but they are still no match for vampires.

    Alcide Herveaux in his wolf form.

  • Wolf Form - Werewolves can change at will but shift naturally during the full moon. Being of a separate biological lineage than shapeshifters, they can only assume one form (wolf). They retain their human intelligence in wolf form.
  • Enhanced Senses - Even in human form a werewolf possesses enhanced wolf-like senses and instincts. They're able to sense and smell things that normal humans can't, a trait shared by their shifter counterparts. Their senses can be further enhanced with the use of V.
  • Glamour Resistance - When werewolves are glamoured by vampires, it only affects them for 24 hours or so, then wears off (although this may be attributed to Sookie's "un-glamouring" of Alcide, rather than an actual werewolf trait). 
  • Enhanced Agility - Werewolves are very agile with enhanced reflexes. Even in human form they can leap, climb, pounce, and react faster than humans can.

Known WerewolvesEdit

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