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"Seriously? You a Wiccan now?"
Tara Thornton

A Wiccan is a believer and practitioner of the Neopagan religion of Wicca. On the HBO original series, True Blood, Wiccans differ from witches, as traditional witchcraft is not a religion, but a universal magical practice that transcends any religious belief or lack thereof. While Wiccans generally acknowledge and revere a pantheon of gods and goddesses, traditional witches may belong to any religion or none, they may believe in a God or gods or they may be atheists. Wicca is an earth-centered, polytheistic religion where the adherents are extremely cautious of the Threefold Law. Practitioners can be both Wiccan and witch, or more one or the other. Wiccans first appear on the episode "Night on the Sun" in the series' third season.



Season 3Edit

A Wiccan barmaid at Merlottes, Holly Cleary explained to Sam Merlotte that she was a Wiccan and concocted him an herbal tea to cure his stress. Later she performed a ritual that would abort Arlene's unwanted and unborn baby.

Season 4Edit

Jesus Velasquez convinces Lafayette Reynolds to join a group of practicing Wiccans held in a shop in Shreveport known as the Moon Goddess Emporium. The leader of the group Marnie Stonebrook who is not only a Wiccan but a medium is possessed by Eddie Fournier, a vampire known to Lafayette. Later, the Wiccans joing Marnie in a ritual to ease her bird, Minerva's passing after she died. Without anyone prepared, Marnie used a spell to resurrect the bird. When the Wiccans realized they could bring this bird back from the dead, the whole world of magic opened up to them.


  • Holly Cleary is the first official Wiccan to appear in the series. Like most Wiccans, Holly did not choose witchcraft as a means for supernatural power, but rather a means for spiritual relevance. As a matter of fact, Holly has shown little-to-no desire to practice magic for personal gain. Instead, Holly claims that she only uses magic occasionally to keep her sons from out of trouble. Furthermore, although Holly does not typically practice magic, she is nevertheless very adept with it. This was proven after she taught Tara Thornton how to break the barrier spell that Marnie used to hold them captive. She was later shown to create a similar barrier that protected them from Marnie. Lastly, on the night of Halloween, with the help of Sookie Stackhouse and Tara Thornton, Holly was able to perform a summoning spell that was powerful enough to summon the spirit of every deceased resident of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Notable PractitionersEdit



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