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"Seriously? You a Wiccan now?"
Tara Thornton

Hollyarlene forestceremony

A Wiccan is a practitioner of the pagan religion.

In the True Blood canon, a Wiccan is a practitioner of the pagan religion that follows the ways of the Mother, the Madien, and the Crone. Witches on the other hand, practice magic rituals, drawing from a power that most people never tap into possessing magical power that can be focused for various affects through the use of spells and rituals. Practitioners can be both Wiccan and witch, or more one or the other. Wiccans first apper in Night on the Sun.

Sookie Stackhouse's colleague and fellow barmaid, at Merlotte's Bar and Grill, Holly Cleary is a Wiccan practitioner, but not a witch.

Season ThreeEdit

A Wiccan barmaid at Merlottes, Holly Cleary explained to Sam Merlotte that she was a Wiccan and concocted him an herbal tea to cure his stress. Later she performed a ritual that would abort Arlene's unwanted and unborn baby.

Season FourEdit

Jesus Velasquez convinces Lafayette Reynolds to join a group of practicing Wiccans held in a shop in Shreveport known as the Moon Goddess Emporium. The leader of the group Marnie Stonebrook who is not only a Wiccan but a medium is possessed by Eddie Fournier, a vampire known to Lafayette. Later, the Wiccans joing Marnie in a ritual to ease her bird, Minerva's passing after she died. Without anyone prepared, Marnie used a spell to resurrect the bird. When the Wiccans realized they could bring this bird back from the dead, the whole world of magic opened up to them.


  • Although Holly is not a witch, she seems to be very adept and powerful at magic. She as able to break the sun barrier spell cast by Marnie and Antonia combined as well as conjure not only a force field so strong that not even Marnie and Lafayette combined could penetrate but also all of the ghost of Bon Temps, Louisiana.
  • With the combined energy from humans, witches or other Wiccans, Wiccans can too perform spells as powerful as witches can.


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