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Yakonomo Corporation

Yakonomo corporation
Organization Information
Before 1986
Japan / Dallas, Texas
Blood synthesis and recreation
Notable patrons


The Yakonomo Corporation is a Japanese based facility on the HBO original series True Blood. Possessing a branch in both Japan and Dallas, Texas, the Yakonomo Corporation was devoted to the recreation and synthesis of human blood, and was the corporation responsible for the advent of the mainstreaming vampire's favorite drink, Tru Blood.



Season 1 Edit

Synthetic blood, Tru Blood is invented by scientists and Yakonomo Corporation by agreeing with the Vampire Authority. Until last season, the name of corporation remains unknown, although it was mentioned many times as a "Japanese corporation".

Season 6 Edit

It is not immediately clear if all five factories were successfully destroyed, but in the wake of the Authority's own subsequent destruction, the Yakonomo Corporation entrusted with Tru Blood production was desperately working to rectify the situation, even sending Ms. Suzuki to meet with Truman Burrell to discuss the lease of new facilities in Louisiana. However, Truman and Sarah Newlin contaminated the Tru Blood with Hepatitis V, and it was shipped out, causing a massive outbreak and bankrupting the corporation.

Season 7Edit

After the breakout of the Hepatitis V virus, and the possible extinction of all vampires, the Yakonomo Corporation realize they are in a really bad situation.

Now, the corporation, with the assistance of vampires Eric Northman and his progeny, Pamela Swynford de Beaufort, more commonly known as "Pam", are seeking to find Ex-Fellowship of the Sun founder Steve Newlin's ex-wife Sarah Newlin, as she has been found to have ingested an antidote or serum that enabled her blood to be the Cure for Hep V.

If the company is able to synthesize Sarah's blood, they could replicate an antidote that would not only heal every vampire, but renew their good name and restore their faith by their vampire and human counterparts alike.



Filming LocationsEdit

CAA Building

The CAA Building

Scenes at the Yakonomo Corporation were actually filmed at the CAA building, the headquarters of the most powerful agency in Hollywood, the Creative Artists Agency. Facetiously referred to as "The Death Star", it's located at 2000 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City (in west Los Angeles), just west of the Century Plaza twin towers, across the street from the Century Plaza Hotel, and next to the landmark fountains on the Avenue of the Stars.

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