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Organization Information
Edo period (of Japanese history)
  • Organized crime
  • Enforcers for Yakonomo Corporation
Notable members
Notable patrons


The Yakuza is a powerful and dangerous Japanese criminal organization featured on the HBO original series True Blood. One of the main antagonists in the series' seventh, and final, season, and working for the Yakonomo Corporation, the main objective of the featured Yakuza members was to capture ex-televangelist Sarah Newlin. Their initial goal was to exact revenge for ruining Yakonomo Corp.'s business interests, but their objective later became to use the antidote contained within her blood to synthesize a temporary cure for Hepatitis V, a disease fatal to vampires. The Yakuza members in the series are portrayed to be as ruthless and brutal as the organization in the real world.


The various groups known as the Yakuza are Japan's oldest and most powerful criminal organizations. Their ties with Japanese business interests often cause them to form alliances with Japanese corporations, such as Yakonomo Corporation. When the situation calls for it, Yakonomo corp. calls on the gangsters to serve as muscle.

They first appear in a flashback, where they confront Eric Northman in France and force him to choose between witnessing the death of his human lover, Sylvie, or Pamela Swynford de Beaufort. After they reject his offer to sacrifice himself, he reluctantly chooses his to save his progeny, sacrificing Sylvie. The Yakuza then fatally stab Sylvie and leave a heartbroken Eric to mourn his dead lover. At a republican party rally, the Yakuza arrive to kill Sarah but instead are drawn into battle with Pam and Eric, who have come for the same reason. Eric manages to exact vengeance on Hiroki, the leader responsible of Sylvie's death, but he is forced to submit when Pam is captured and held hostage. The two are then taken to Yakonomo Corp. in silver chains and introduced to the gang's employer, Mr. Gus. Rather than kill them, Gus enlists them to help find Sarah and synthesize a cure for Hep V. After finding her, they return to Fangtasia, where the Yakuza continue to serve as Mr. Gus's enforcers. They essentially hold Eric and Pam prisoner, until the two vampires manage to gain the upper hand and kill their captors.


Eric grapples with Yakuza gang members.